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The MySkincAir PRO products are for the skincare specialist that understands quality skincare ingredients and compounds. They were created with organic chemistry specifically for the PhytoOxygen Facial. These products use organic and phytonutrients to resurrect the cellular and metabolic renewal of the skin organ. Phyto energy is the life source for plant cell regeneration.


MySkincAir PRO products uses the best organics, extracts, peptides and plant stem cells to completely rejuvenate the skin. Both OXYGEN and PHYTONUTRIENTS regenerate collagen loss due to aging, brightens and reverses other signs of aging and breaks up hyperpigmentaion. It also helps to eliminate inflammation due to break outs and clogged pores. 

The MySkincAir PRO line features products and ingredients that are Natural, USDA Certified Organic, ECO CERTIFIED, Vegan, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free and Gluten Free.


Every MySkincAir PRO product serves a dual purpose, making the PhytoOxygen Facial the most comprehensive treatment and best option for all skin tones, types and issues. 



HYDRA INFUSION - Hydrate/Protect

BLEMISH ERASER - Treat/Exfoliate


ANTI-AGING ELIXIR - Reverse/Brighten


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Enzyme Activator

Accelerate / Penetrate

The first product used for the PhytoOxygen Facial. This product is used before the Oxygen Cleanser to ACCELERATE the efficacy of the cleansing process. The enzymes allow the cleanser to PENETRATE the skin by dissolving surface debris from the skin. Enzymatic exfoliation is a plant active based therapy. Enzymes have a proteolytic effect and induce superficial exfoliation on the cells of the stratum corneum. 

Oxygen Cleanser

Cleanse / Restore

This amazing vegan formula is sulfate-free. It has oxygenated purified water which contains a hydrogen molecule, that when applied to the skin with the PhytoOxygen nebulizer creates oxygen in-situ. This step CLEANSES the skin thoroughly by killing acne causing bacteria, gets rid of inflammation and brightens the skin. It also helps to RESTORE the skin's natural moisture barrier as one of its key ingredients in hyaluronic acid. Skin is left feeling extremely cleansed, soft and supple.

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Antioxidant Rescue 

Tone / Detox

This product is a "super toner" that TONES and balances the skin's pH and is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that DETOX, brighten, lift and combat inflammation.  Using Antioxidant Rescue through the nebulizer atomizes a significant amount of these vitamins into the skin's pores and channels. Our bodies don't get the full benefit of oral multi-vitamins. In that our skin is the largest organ, this complex gives a fortifying daily percentage of skin loving antioxidants and vitamins, from the outside-in.

Hydra Infusion

Hydrate / Protect

This moisture complex is 95% Hyaluronic Acid which HYDRATES by holding 1000 times its own weight in water. This proprietary formula was specially crafted for the purposing of infusing with PhytoOxygen nebulizer. It also has high-purity algae extract from micro algae combined with pullulan, a film-forming natural sugar (glucan) from the fungus A. Pullulans. Contains vitamin C & B12 as antioxidants. This super hydrates and PROTECTS skin cells from oxidative stress & strengthening skin. It also has been shown to tighten skin in the short as well as long term. Pullulan can also retain moisture and prevents water loss. Regular infusions will leave skin firmer, revitalized and regenerated.

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Blemish Eraser

Treat / Exfoliate

This potent treatment is great for breakouts , hyperpigmentation, and larges pores. It is best to spot TREAT the problem areas with the nebulizer very gently. It contains 5 % salicylic acid , which helps to gently EXFOLIATE. It also features Calendula Extract and Tea Tree oil which is an anti-bacterial and antiseptic, as well as White willow bark which is amazing for active, inflamed skin. It also features provitamin B5 which is super healing and helps with inflammation. 

Resurfacing Potion

Smooth / Renew

This amazing complex feature 10% AHA fruit acids and extracts. This means it helps to SMOOTH and resurface when use with the nebulizer. It also has vitamin C to brighten and RENEW the skin and give it some extra antioxidant benefits. It also features provitamin B5 which is super healing and helps with inflammation. Aloe leaf juice, bilberry extract and cranberry extract are among the other superstar ingredients.


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Anti-Aging Elixir

Reverse / Brighten

This amazing serum is the perfect serum for mature, aging skin. It features 10% vitamin C

, vitamin E and super antioxidant CoQ10 which helps to BRIGHTEN the skin. It also is packed with omega 3 & 6, rosehip oil and antioxidant loaded fruit extracts that also help to condition the skin. This serum also is like "botox in a bottle". It has a wrinkle and fine line relaxing peptide called Matrixyl 3000. It also features baobab fruit oil. Baobab is called a "superfruit" due to its richness in omega-3, antioxidants & vitamin A, D and C. These antioxidants and peptides working in tandem help to REVERSE the ravishes of aging.

* Create an amazing add-on by customizing your client's PhytoOxygen Facial by using the MySkincAir retail line's serums,       masks and oils, like the plant stem cell based Cellular Renewal Serum , Supreme Firming Concentrate, Clarifying Charcoal Clay Mask, Oxygen Facial Treatment Multi-Action Renewing Mask or 24k Gold Mask.

The Packages

Spa Deluxe - $5500

PhytoOxygen Nebulizer & Protocol

License Agreement 

All Back Bar products

$1500 Deluxe Retail kit (customizable) 

Independent Pro - $2950

PhytoOxygen Nebulizer & Protocol

License Agreement 

All Back Bar products

$500 Retail kit (customizable) 

Introductory Kit - $1550

PhytoOxygen Nebulizer & Protocol

License Agreement 

All Back Bar products

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 The patent-pending MySkincair pH A.I.R Technology is one of a kind as all the products are perfectly pH balanced for the skin and uses our Anti-Inflammatory Response technology. This technology employs organic chemistry and uses specific ingredients in a synergistic manner that supercharge one another to immediately rid the skin of inflammation, leaving your skin clear, balanced, smooth and youthful.


The MySkincAir Organic Derm Repair retail products should be used after the PhytoOxygen Facial so that the client achieves optimal and rapid skincare results.

Watch NASA Toxicologist, Dr. Noreen "Tox Doc" Mayberry , talk candidly with MySkincAir Brand Ambassador, Director of R&D and Beauty Expert, Marc Harvey, about MySkincAir.

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